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Risk Acknowledgement & Waiver Form


The participant wishes to participate in the activities organised by Kickxfootball Ltd (also known as KickX/KickXArena), KickX Arena, Addlestone One, Station Road, Addlestone, Surrey, KT15 2GN

  1. All Participants acknowledge that participation in the activities provided by KickX entails known and unknown risks that could result in physical or emotional injury, paralysis, death or damage to themselves to property or to third parties.
  2. All Participants acknowledge that they have been or will be provided with the necessary training and safety instructions in relation to the activities carried out and warrant that they will comply with these at all times whilst on the premises from which the activities will be carried out and that they will raise any concerns or lack of understanding before use of the activities / facilities.
  3. All Participants acknowledge that when using equipment at our Arena exposed skin may be subject to friction burns and it is recommended that exposed skin is kept to a minimum. All participants further acknowledge that the activities provided by KickX require a reasonable level of fitness and ability.
  4. All Participants acknowledge that they are responsible for their own safety and the safety of others whilst partaking in all activities. They understand that the activities may be undertaken without direct supervision following safety instructions and agree at all times to ensure that they wear appropriate clothing and protective equipment. All Participants acknowledge that they will comply with any instructions given at any time during the activities by staff members. All Participants also acknowledge & agree to comply with any age restrictions for an individual activity as posted. All participants also acknowledge & agree that restrictions may change from time to time at the company’s discretion. All participants acknowledge & agree that if they do not comply with any age restrictions or any other requirements put in place by KickX they may not be able to partake in the activities and we reserve the right to check participants at our discretion.
  5. All participants acknowledge & agree that they will only carry out moves and tricks that are within their ability level and of which they are able to retain control of at all times. Moves and tricks are performed at the Participants own risk.
  6. All participants acknowledge & agree that they do not have any medical condition or have not had a medical condition including pregnancy which may make them partaking in the activities dangerous, increase risk of injury to themselves or others, or make it more likely that they will be involved in an incident which could result in injury during the activity.
  7. All participants acknowledge & agree that if they have any pre-existing injuries that they have sought medical advice before participating in any Arena activities.
  8. All participants acknowledge & agree that KickX arena did not give them medical advice relating to their physical condition or ability to undertake the activities.
  9. All participants acknowledge & agree that KickX will not be liable for any damage or loss to them, third parties or property however incurred whilst undertaking activities or on the premises belonging to KickX.
  10. All participants acknowledge, expressly agree and promise to accept all risk existing and subsisting in the activity and that their participation in the activity is voluntary and that they elect to participate despite the risks. All participants release and agree to indemnify KickX, together with its equipment suppliers and manufacturers, from any and all claims demands or courses of action which are in any way connected with the participation in the activities.
  11. All participants acknowledge , agree and provide consent to the following:
  • Prior to participating in any activity we recommend you remove all jewellery, mobile phones and other valuables.
  • Participants will not eat or drink whilst participating in activities within the arena
  • Other than birthday cakes, baby food or special medical related dietary needs, only food and drink purchased from KickX may be consumed on site unless permission has been specifically granted by the Arena Manager.
  • Under no circumstances is alcohol, drugs or any other intoxicating substances to be brought onto the premises. You will not be allowed to take part in any activity if you have, or appear to have, consumed such substances. Our staff have the right to remove you from the arena if they have any suspicion that you are under such influence. In this situation, we will not be liable for any refunds, compensation or expenses.
  • Any member of KickX arena has the right to prevent or stop the participants using any of its facilities or eject them from the premises for any reason whatsoever.
  • KickX has the right to terminate, without notice, your activity if behaviour or that of any member in your booking is deemed as violent, likely to cause damage, distress or annoyance to other participants, employees or anyone else. In this instance, we will not be liable for any refunds, compensation or expenses.
  • When attending the Arena session specifically for children under the age of 12 years old there must be at least one adult (18+) to continually supervise any groups within the arena.
  • A parent or guardian (18+) must remain within the premises for the duration of the session whenever accompanying a child between the ages of 0 – 12 years inclusive.
  • This waiver shall apply to all visits within the next 12 months from today’s date and I will not be required to sign a fresh copy of this waiver before each visit.
  • When KickX property is damaged or destroyed due to negligence of the participant they will be liable for the repair or equivalent replacement costs for the damages caused.
  • I grant consent to KickX for use of CCTV  monitoring for training, Health & Safety, Insurance & Security purposes.
  • As long as I am notified in advance, I consent to KickX photographing and/or recording me/participants under my care and to use such photographs and/or recordings solely and only for KickX advertising and promotional purposes. I hereby waive any right to inspect or approve the use of any such material and acknowledge and agree that the rights to use such material shall not require payment or compensation of any kind to be made by KickX to me/participants under my care.


If the participant is under 16 years old, a parent/guardian must sign this form


I consent to be a parent or guardian for those participants under the age of 16 years and acknowledge and agree the following on their behalf:

  1. I consent to anyone under the age of 16 years named taking part in activities at KickX arena.
  2. In providing my consent, I declare that I understand the activities are not completely free from risk and acknowledge & accept that KickX staff will take the appropriate precautions to prevent accidents where possible; however I also acknowledge that accidents inevitably occur.
  3. I confirm that I/anyone under 16 years named are physically fit & healthy.
  4. I give consent that in the event of any illness/accident, any necessary treatment can be administered to me/anyone under 16 named.


I confirm that I have read, understood and will be bound by all the above and confirm acceptance of KickX terms and conditions and privacy policy as outlined on waiver form.